Hola there!
I´m Máximo Pérez, a video blogger, travel writer & photographer. I am currently based in Cádiz, Spain.
I consider myself a citizen of the world, born & raised in Cádiz (Spain). After finishing my degree of Journalism in 2006 at Seville, I moved to Bournemouth, UK, to learn English. I speak English at proficiency level and Spanish is my mother tongue.



In my last 7 years in the UK, I obtained 2 Masters: Business & Marketing and Multimedia Journalism while I was working as a waiter to fund myself. During my English adventure, I have discovered my passion for travelling, cooking, photography & meeting new people from different cultures.
I love filming & editing. Studying my last Master at Bournemouth University made me realize that Travelling & Making videos are what I really love.
In May 2013, I took part in a group of 6 journalists to join the Baltic Discovery creative tourism in Germany. During the trip, I realized that creative tourism mixed with conventional tourism is the perfect cocktail: history, attractions, interactive cultural exchange, food, natural beauty, landscapes, and discovering something new every trip.
Although my plan was to find a job as a journalist after this summer wherever place, I thought it would be more fun to become your own boss and step out of the system.
My blog focuses on three kinds of videos: (1) cities with its mains attractions according to my point of view; (2) creative tourism sharing my creative travel experiences; (3) videos for tourism businesses.

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