Your tourist route for London

Visiting London is finding too many choices about what to see. It does not matter if you stay many or few fays days in the British capital because you feel that your trip will be short. Another inconvenient are getting to places and queuing at the attractions.

I recommend you to start at Tower of London, the most beautiful fortress in England. It used to serve as a royal palace, prison and even as a zoo. The Tower of London is home to the Crown Jewels, which displays an amazing collection of diamonds still used by the Queen. There is also the White Tower, where is displayed different exhibitions about royal artifacts.

Looking at the Thames River we can see the Tower Bridge, which used to be raised by using a steamed mechanism machine until the end of the 70s. The bridge was built with a Victorian Gothic style to be in harmony with the Tower of London. Inside there is an exhibition museum featuring the steam machine to raise the bridge.

London (UK)

Tower Bridge

Buckingham Palace only can be visited when the Queen goes on holidays to Scotland during August and September. However, you can see the change of guard daily at 11:30am from April to July on the forecourt of Buckingham Palace. After this show that lasts about 40 minutes, you can walk to Trafalgar Square, where thousands of tourists pass. There you can get into National Gallery museum or keep walking to Down Street number 10, where there is a large black iron fences surrounding the whole building residence. Here you are just near to the Prime Minister house.

London (UK)

National Gallery

Staying at central London we cannot miss Hyde Park, one of the prettiest gardens in London. Its 142 hectares has a lot to offer to the public like swimming, boating, cycling and skating. There are pitches team games, tracks for horse riding, and a spectacular children´s playground. If you are out and about on Sundays do not miss at the Speaking corners the orators sharing their particular opinions about the world.

Let´s go to markets and we begin in Brick Lane. The area has an ethnic community very diverse and offers many art and fashion galleries that goes against the vanguards. The best day to visit Brick Lane market is on Sunday, when the streets are lined with people selling their second-hand goods. Moreover, there are a lot of stands of international food, music and parties at the street. At Brick Lane you can find many curry restaurants as it the hub of London´s Bangladeshi community.

We move to Camden market the most known in London and the busiest, especially on weekends. There are lot of shops offering fashion, crafts, and foods from every corner in the world. Whatever thing that you are looking for is in Camden market. You can be taken aback by the giant signs that many shops use to call your attention like big dragons, boats, shoes or even piercings. Walking around Camden market can be tiring because it is a huge market and there are many signs to be processed by your brain. So take it easy.

London (UK)

Camden Market

London has many things to offer and you will not have time to see everything from this cosmopolitan city. Do not stress. Here you have a video an a gallery of photos, enjoy.

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