Innsbruck, medieval city with sports mountain and disco igloo

The city of Innsbruck recalls mountains, as it is surrounded by the Austrian Alps. More than a quarter of the population are students and the town center preserves its medieval style. Despite being considered a ski resort, Innsbruck has many things to offer.

The most interesting point at the old town is the Golden roof from the XVI century and built in honor of King Maximiliam, who used to sit at the royal balcony to witness tournament and games. Strolling the historic old city you can notice many buildings with a rococo and Gothic architecture. On the street Marie Theresien can be seen the Arc of Triumph and the pillar of Santa Ana to celebrate the release of the city from Bavarian´s hands.

Innsbruck (Austria)

Golden Roof

The River Inn 517 Kilometers long passes through the Tyrolean city. In fact the city Innsbruck means bridge over river Inn. Worth a walk by the river and watch the beautiful contrasts between the mountains and the colorful houses.

Innsbruck (Austria)

Bridge over River Inn

The Patscherkof Mountain is situated at 2264 meters offering the best views over the city, you can access by a cable car. At the south is located the Bergisel sky jump, a modern architectural landmark of Innsbruck. The Bergisel hill has hosted two winter Olympic Games, the papal visit in 1998 and numerous Austrian ski competitions. Tourists also visit Bergisel to enjoy mountain views (Nordkette, Patscherkofel, Serles, Hehe Munde, etc).

Innsbruck (Austria)

Innsbruck view from Mountain Patscherkof

For beginners skiers like my case, I recommend the ski resort Muttereralm, half an hour from the city by public transport. This resort has easy slopes for those less experienced, who want to improve their skills as the slopes are quite wide and not too demanding. At the hut restaurants the portions are very generous, so meals can be share for two people.

Innsbruck (Austria)

Ski Resort Muttereralm

Innsbruck even offers the possibility of skiing at night in some of its resorts. But the most interesting thing is that you can even party at a disco igloo in the mountains. You only have to take a cable car to arrive there, get warm clothes and enjoy a disco party at Cloud 9, name of the disco. You can also enjoy the night views of Innsbruck. The igloo parties start around 8pm and finish before midnight with the last departure time cable car.

Innsbruck (Austria)

Igloo disco

Innsbruck (Austria)

Party inside igloo

Whether you live in Austria or you are on vacation in this country, the best and more comfortable option to arrive to the city of Innsbruck is by using the high speed ÖBB trains. The Austrian ÖBB trains connect the 476 km between Vienna and Innsbruck in less than 4 hours. During the trip the train only stops at the main cities and the price starts at €29 if you book in advance.

Innsbruck (Austria)

High Speed train ÖBB

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